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William W. Knight Law Center

1515 Agate Street, Eugene, OR 97403

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Women in Business Law

A panel of women practitioners discuss their experiences as women working in business law.

1/21 12pm
In House Counsel Panel

A panel discussion of in house counsel practitioners discuss their roles as in house counsel.

1/22 1pm
Clerking for the Washington Attorney General

The Washington State Attorney General's Office is the largest public law office in the state of Washington. With 25 divisions, it represents the State of...

1/23 12pm
Law of Beer and Wine

Practitioners who work in the beer and wine industry discuss working in the law of beer and wine.

1/23 5pm
Disasters, Resilience, and the Next Generation

A Lecture on Lifeline Infrastructure and Community Resilience as part of the Le Val Lund Award. Featured speaker: Yumei Wang P.E., Resilience Engineer at...

1/24 12:30pm

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Alex Pratt

Alex Pratt left a positive review 2/18/2019

This lecture was fantastic! It was a privilege to hear Dr. Harris, one of the great Critical Race Theorists present "chronicles." Her use of narrative, or chronicle, to explain the issues inherent in the debate over Affirmative Action and the development of color-blindness provided a great example of the use of that methodology in scholarship both within the field of Law and outside.

Nicholas Licavoli

Nicholas Licavoli left a positive review 2/12/2018

I thought that John was able to bring light to many of the controversies of free speech very well and also provide great insights on what we can do to support a positive change within and out of our communities.

Rebecca Ivanoff

Rebecca Ivanoff left a positive review 2/6/2017

Very well done. Ms. Arnwine is an engaging speaker and the topic couldn't have been more timely. I encourage the law school to continue the Bell lecture series as an annual event.

Duc M Sam

Duc M Sam left a positive review 10/8/2015

Engaging and educational. As a student of Prof. Terry Hunt, I disagree sometimes with Prof. Kirch, but it was very interesting. In future, more of an effort should be made to court undergraduates, especially first year students. This may be done though the FIGs and Honors College CHIPs.

Alexandra D Flores-Quilty

Alexandra D Flores-Quilty posted a photo 2/13/2014

Rory Isbell

Rory Isbell posted a photo 2/3/2014

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