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70 NW Couch Street, Portland, OR 97209

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Unparalleled Workshops

Join us for a series of workshops that celebrate the incomparable, international Sports Product Design of Oregon. From April 15th to the 21st, we will hold...

What is Universe? Communication • Complexity • Coherence

The eighth annual "What is…?" conference-experience will examine communication, complexity/simplicity, coherence/incoherence and how they may or may not...

4/21 9am
Annual Career Symposium

The College of Design Student Services Office, in partnership with the School of Architecture & Environment, is holding its annual Career Symposium on...

4/26 9:30am
 Design Think, On Your Feet

“Design Think, On Your Feet” will be presented by Wilson W. Smith III, (BArch ’80), Senior Designer and DNA Design Specialist at Nike. Wilson explores the...

4/26 4pm
Florian Idenburg  -  10 YEARS AND COUNTING

Florian Idenburg is an internationally renowned architect and founder of SO–IL in 2008 together with Jing Liu. Idenburg’s practice is collaborative; he...

5/1 5:30pm

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Dana Goetsch

Dana Goetsch posted a photo 2/19/2018

Dana Goetsch

Dana Goetsch posted a photo 2/19/2018

Photos from last years Unparalleled Events! Photos from last years Unparalleled Events!

Sarah Bardol

Sarah Bardol left a positive review 1/24/2018

This was extremely helpful. I really appreciated it.

Lauren Asher

Lauren Asher left a positive review 2/28/2017

She had good information she provided. Glad I attended.

David A Jones

David A Jones left a review 10/9/2014

I'm sure the workshop was great, but I was denied entry at the door even though I had already RSVP'd (and received confirmation) for the event. I was very upset that I wasn't allowed to attend when I wanted to learn, yet other people who were there just to get their shoes signed were let in. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to learn from a legendary designer again and I wasn't even allowed to attend an event that I had committed to. Not to mention that I drove up to Portland from Eugene. I not only wasted my time, but also money on gas. This is not the first time that a web related sign up for the University has screwed me over. The U of O needs to seriously fix their issues when it comes to the web sign up.

Dillon C Jones

Dillon C Jones left a negative review 10/9/2014

The event was poorly planned we didn't get notified that we were wait listed for the even until we had got to the white stag building after driving up from Eugene. They didn't have enough room at all so we just went home. We wasted valuable time and money trying to attend a cool event to get screwed over. You guys need to have a cut off and a way to tell people ahead of time if they are wait listed because the event started and we could still see spots avaliable and they said they didn't have any room

Alynn P Stauffer

Alynn P Stauffer left a positive review 10/9/2014

I really enjoyed this workshop with Tinker Hatfield. He was a really sarcastic and down to earth guy, and his story really made it seem like one of knowing the right people and working with what you've got. It kind of went to show that you don't really NEED to know what you're doing from the get go. I thought his workshop was very informative though, kind of got to see a bit more of how the sketchbook app work and all the things you can do with it!

Larissa Ennis

Larissa Ennis left a positive review 6/4/2014

It was wonderful to see all the projects and programs that A&AA in Portland has to offer. I also welcomed the chance to see what other UO units in Portland are doing and to share information about Academic Extension's current PDX programs to both colleagues and the general public. I hope these become a regular thing!

A&AA Portland Admin

A&AA Portland Admin posted a photo 5/13/2014

Peg Gearhart

Peg Gearhart posted a photo 3/12/2014

Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier