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Straub Hall

1451 Onyx Street, Eugene, OR 97403

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Presidential Distinguished Lecture Series: The Unfinished Business of the Internet

Widely known as one of the "Fathers of the Internet," Vinton G. Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the fundamental architecture of the...

5/21 4:15pm
"The Ethics of Public Participation in a Digital Age"

Sixties activists insisted the personal is political. Change-makers in the digital age get that idea, and one-up it with another rallying cry: the political...

5/21 7:30pm
UO APASU & LGBTQ+ Presents: Flawless Kevin

UO APASU and LGBTQA3+ is pleased to present beauty guru, Flawless Kevin. Kevin will reflect on his experiences growing up as an Asian American in the LGBTQ+...

5/23 6pm
Consciousness and its Place in Nature

Christof Koch, Chief Scientist and President of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, will give a talk titled “Consciousness and its Place in Nature” as the...

5/31 2pm
Suicide Prevention Training and Resources

The Suicide Prevention Team and the University Counseling Center (UCC) offers this workshop for faculty, staff, and GEs. Partcipant learning objectives are...

6/11 9am

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Maggie Gebhardt

Maggie Gebhardt left a positive review 11/15/2018

Very Informative! So many scholarships to apply for!

Megan Salyer

Megan Salyer left a positive review 10/16/2018

She was fantastic! We need more events like this at U of O! Let's inspire the people and U of O to go Zero-waste!

Cindy Wiley

Cindy Wiley left a positive review 6/3/2018

Amazing speaker and good to know he started out small without large ambition. REALLY, REALLY made me think, and that is always a good thing.

Feather Crawford

Feather Crawford left a positive review 4/30/2018

This was a timely and important event. The speaker shared his remarkably deep knowledge of Cuba with clarity and humor. The Q & A was fantastic.

Christian Harrison

Christian Harrison left a positive review 4/26/2018

Loving the conversation and left me with many things to contemplate.

Kyle Marston

Kyle Marston left a positive review 10/23/2017

Thanks for coming around!

Arash Dayani

Arash Dayani left a positive review 10/17/2016

I love this man! That's it!

Torsten Kjellstrand

Torsten Kjellstrand left a positive review 10/14/2015


Ariel J Sax

Ariel J Sax left a positive review 10/11/2016

It's an absolutely amazing and welcoming community of family who get together to learn more about Jesus. I highly recommend going.

Dylan J Johnson

Dylan J Johnson left a positive review 10/3/2016

Tons of great, outgoing people. Great message. Made great connections.