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Events Calendar

Event Calendar for Outdoor Program Barn

March 11 - 17, 2018

Thursday, March 15

Rogue River Trip

Relax before finals on a rafting trip down the Rogue. Ethan is gearing up for a three day trip, running the Almeda to Foster Bar Rogue River Wild and Scenic...

Saturday, March 17

Hoodoo ski/snowboard DEMOS!!

Head to Hoodoo with Mackenzie and Hogan for some tasty winter leftovers and FREE DEMOS. Break out your snow dances and sign up. Cost: lift tickets $41,...

Raptor Center & Hike Spencer Butte - Stress Less

“2 birds in one trip!” Come blow off some stress and check out these two Eugene Favorites! See the many hawks, owls, eagles and more at the nearby raptor...