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Outdoor Program (OP) Barn

1225 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

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Common Adventure: Hoodoo Ski/Snowboard Day (+Hot springs)

Join Jared for day of skiing or snowboarding at Hoodoo. After an awesome day on the slopes you will head to Belknap hot springs for a relaxing dip, this will...

12/19 6:15am
Common Adventure: University of Oregon to San Francisco Bike Tour

Join the adventure of a lifetime and spend spring break biking to San Francisco from your front door! This trip is capped at 12 participants. I expect this...


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Salmon "Sam" Stroich

Salmon "Sam" Stroich left a positive review 9/22/2018

Fun to see so many Fresh faces wanting to explore the area together with friends!

Leah Steindorf

Leah Steindorf left a positive review 5/17/2018

Loved it - too bad it was so short !!

Jacquelyn Seaborne

Jacquelyn Seaborne left a negative review 4/21/2018

I think, individuals should get a notification when it's full.

Louie Vidmar

Louie Vidmar left a positive review 1/15/2018

This was pretty cool, but could have gone more in depth.

Erica Whitfield

Erica Whitfield left a positive review 2/2/2018

Awesome day, awesome crew! Can’t wait for the next trip!

Jen Mirabile

Jen Mirabile left a positive review 1/22/2018

The trip initiator advocate was super excited to share her experiences and enthusiasm! I'd recommend a little little less experiences and more get to the details to keep it under an hour. I work all day and had to leave a little early. Over all though, it was very informative!

Bryce Izlar

Bryce Izlar left a positive review 11/2/2017

Thanks for all the wonderful info!

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 2/10/2017

Really fun, would love to do more activities like this! Wish there were ways to have less time prepping to go out and get started

Tamara A Patzer

Tamara A Patzer left a positive review 9/30/2015

It was great, but some of the trips were not for beginners.