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Outdoor Program Barn

1225 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

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TRI-FLOW: Yoga for bikers

Grease up your joints, relax your mind, and stretch your body in a yoga class geared toward the avid biker's common muscular aches and stresses! Bring your...

4/28 10am
Trip Initiator Clinic and Outing

Become a trip initiator and plan your own trips with the OP! This two-part clinic teaches you about OP philosophy, liability, trip planning, and safety...

5/6 6pm
Mountain Biking 101

Interested in trying mountain biking but aren't sure what you'll need, where to go, or who to ride with? Deciples of Dirt is joining us for a presentation on...

5/18 6pm
Service Project: Mountain Bike Trail Build Day

Earn yourself some laps on the Lawler single track by building trails with Deciples of Dirt. Tools and instructions will be provided. Sign up online- FREE!...

5/21 8am
Bird Church- Birding Walk

Join experienced birder Jules for breakfast and an easy stroll through Alton Baker Park on this queer-led, queer friendly bird walk. Bring binoculars and a...

5/21 8:30am

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Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 2/10/2017

Really fun, would love to do more activities like this! Wish there were ways to have less time prepping to go out and get started

Tamara A Patzer

Tamara A Patzer left a positive review 9/30/2015

It was great, but some of the trips were not for beginners.