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Taiwanese Student Association

Taiwanese Student Association

The Main purpose of the Taiwanese Students Association (TWSA) is to coordinate academic, social, and cultural activities for mostly the Taiwanese and the rest of the University of Oregon students. We are dedicating in assisting students with Chinese background, primarily students from Taiwan, to adjust their life in the United States. To do so, we create opportunities to enhance the relationship between TWSA members and the community as well as present cultural events and activities that will stimulate a better understanding of Chinese/Taiwanese cultures, and add the cultural diversity in the same time at the University of Oregon.

We have just recently renamed our group from Chinese Student Association (CSA) to Taiwanese Student Association (TWSA). The reason of the change is because our group has been led and organized by students from Taiwan over the past decades. As we are trying to differentiate ourselves from other major student groups who have similar objectives in serving students with Chinese background, we see this as what we ought to do to gain the recognition that we have sought for years. We realized the confusion people may encountered due to this decision of name change, but as our original name (CSA) is often confused with Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA), we believe it is better to get it over, rather than prolong the agony. We are hoping by changing our name this fiscal year, students, staff, and faculty members will be able to easily recognize us as a student group formed majorly by students from Taiwan.

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