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Nontraditional Student Union

Nontraditional Student Union

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Who qualifies as a nontraditional student? Most likely, it's you! Many nontrad students are transfer students, are parents, veterans, or are students over 24 years of age, but that's just the beginning of who's considered a nontrad student. The NSU caters to a multitude of different students with different situations, and we're more than happy to help.

What does the NSU do? The University of Oregon can be a big place, but the NSU is here so you can be acknowledged, not lost. We are dedicated to providing the resources necessary to assist nontrad students. Specifically, we want you to feel feel like you are getting the support you need to successfully achieve your goals at the University of Oregon. Our resources include a computer lab with free printing, couches, coffee, and stationary supplies. Our goal is to continually evolve to accommodate the needs of nontrad students. The NSU is a place to relax, study, eat, connect with and support others.

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