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Ethos Magazine

Ethos Magazine

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Ethos is a nationally recognized, award-winning student publication. Since our inception as Korean Ducks Magazine, we’ve worked hard to share a multicultural spirit with our readership throughout the University and Eugene community. Ethos is, after all, defined as the fundamental characteristic of a spirit, people or culture.

Throughout our pages and on our website you’ll find unique, multicultural stories ranging from Eugene restaurants to international human rights debates. Our readers pick up Ethos to explore ethical, journalistic story telling, beautiful photography and illustrations, and innovative designs. We embrace diversity in our stories, in our student staff, and in our readership.

An enthusiastic and talented student staff put in countless hours to produce Ethos, independent of facility advising. We hope to be a creative outlet for our staff and inspire our readers to seek understanding and fuel intrigue for this epically diverse world. Every three months we will print and distribute a free, colorful issue.