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EMU Outdoor Program

EMU Outdoor Program

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The OP Cooperative was born in 1967 when a few UO students began posting notes to share rides and gear for outdoor adventures. Since then the OP has grown into a thriving program of trips, events, gear rentals, resources, as well as a bike events, loans, and self-service maintenance shop.

Upcoming Events

Kayak Paddle-Making Class

Make your own wooden kayak paddle based off traditional designs from the first indigenous kayakers of Greenland and the Arctic! This class will be held at...

10/23 4pm
Bike Maintenance 101

This is a one-night, hands-on class designed to give you the skills to understand and repair your commuter bike. Awesome for a beginner or someone who can't...

10/24 5:30pm
Kayak Pool Sessions

A weekly, drop-in, practice session at the UO Rec Pool to refine or work on your rolling, stroking, or general kayak skills! Wednesdays, weeks 3-8, and 10...

10/24 8pm
Barn Party!

Join us again for a night filled with dancing, fun, food, and friends! Last year we had live music, square dance instruction, and CAKE- what will we have...

10/26 7pm
Storm Watchers Beach Hike

Travel to the beautiful Oregon Coast to witness the power and beauty of winter storms on the PNW! Get some sand in your toes and hot chowder in your tummy on...

10/27 10am

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