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Black Student Union

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) sponsors cultural and social activities that serve the entire University of Oregon (U of O) community. Through these events, the BSU provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, a stimulating learning environment, and cultural awareness. In hopes of abolishing stereotypes concerning people of color. In order to maintain strength and continuity, the BSU strives to reach out to various communities to support and promote minority empowerment.

The Black Student Union welcomes participation and comments from all interested students and organizations. Our work is in effort to bring cultural awareness to the University of Oregon and the surrounding communities. We work to provide a safe space socially, mentally, and spiritually for students of color, yet specifically those who are of African descent.

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cyclocross rider on sandy trail

BIPOC, LGBTQIA and Women riders join us for the Cyclocross Race at Oak Hill School (next to Lane Community College) on Saturday, Dec 2nd! We will be able to...

12/2 8:30am

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