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What is Technology?

Saturday, April 13 at 9:00am to 7:00pm

White Stag Block
70 NW Couch Street, Portland, OR 97209

2019 marks the ten-year anniversary and ninth annual What is...? conference-experience.

What is Technology? will examine interactions and transactions among practical arts and tools, techniques and processes, moral knowledge and imagination, to navigate our everchanging world. In a broad sense, technology can be understood as methods of intelligent inquiry and problem-solving in all domains of life. The conference-experience will enact a collaborative network of transdisciplinary research by cultivating information and communication as the heart of science, technology, engineering, art, medicine, and environments.

Plenary Participants: 
• Eric Schatzberg (Georgia Tech)
• Victoria Vesna (UCLA)
• Colin Koopman (Univ. of Oregon)
• Nandini Ranganathan (PNCA)
• Clifford Christians (Univ. of Illinois)
• Carolyn Marvin (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
• Larry Hickman (Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale)
• Kenji Williams (NASA)
• Charlene Haddock Seigfried (Purdue Univ.)
• Mark Bedau (Reed College)
• Carolyn R. Miller (North Carolina State Univ.)
• Donna Z. Davis (Univ. of Oregon)
• Peter Golding (Univ. of Glasgow, England)
• Lana Rakow (Univ. of North Dakota)
• Melissa Gregg (Intel Corporation)
• Scott Stoud (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
• Amber Case (Institute for the Future)

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