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Weaving Stories for Indigenous Presence and Futures

Tuesday, May 23 at 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Many Nations Longhouse
1630 Columbia Street, Eugene, OR

Join Dr. Amanda R. Tachine for Weaving Stories for Indigenous Presence and Futures. Dr. Tachine will discuss her book, Native Presence and Sovereignty in College: Indigenous Weapons to Defeat Systemic Monsters, which weaves the stories of Native college students' experiences in navigating their senior year in high school and first year in college. Stories detail Indigenous knowledge systems of love, kinship, sacredness, and sovereignty.

About the speaker:

Dr. Amanda R. Tachine is Navajo from Ganado, Arizona. She is Náneesht’ézhí Táchii’nii (Zuni Red Running into Water) born for Tł’ízí łání (Many Goats). She is an Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership & Innovation at Arizona State University. Amanda’s research explores the relationship between systemic and structural histories of settler colonialism and the ongoing erasure of Indigenous presence and belonging in college settings using qualitative Indigenous methodologies. She is the author of Native Presence and Sovereignty in College and co-editor of Weaving an Otherwise: In-relations Methodological Practice. She has published in the Journal of Higher Education, Qualitative Inquiry, International Review of Qualitative Research, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and other scholarly outlets. She also has published thought pieces in the Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, The Hill, Teen Vogue, Indian Country Today, Inside Higher Ed, and Navajo Times where she advances ideas regarding discriminatory actions, educational policies, and inspirational movements.

Cosponsored by the Department of Education Studies, Home Flight Scholars Program, Many Nations Longhouse, and Native American and Indigenous Studies.