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Tyler Young - Hiking The Enchantments

Monday, February 11, 2019 at 7:00am to 11:30pm

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Aperture Gallery
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403


The EMU Visual Arts Team welcomes UO alumnus Tyler Young to the Aperture Gallery.

Tyler completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies in the summer of '18. Tyler's "Hiking to The Enchantments, Washington" exhibit will be on-view through mid-January in the gallery.

Artist's statement: Hiking to The Enchantments, Washington

Selfishly cutting class for a cause greater than myself. I was involved in a campaign with the Cascadia Action Network, we wanted the REI Cooperative and outdoor brand to divest their money from the fossil fuel industry. We proposed a ballot measure concerning divestment to the board of directors at their annual meeting, we took photos, made videos, and held protests, even started a petition that gained thousands of signatures all with the help of a friendly lawyer. As members of the Cooperative, and outdoor enthusiasts, REI took us seriously. They knew we were their customer base, and maybe they were appeasing, or maybe they were genuinely interested in hearing our ideas and best practices of divestment. Either way, they invited us to come up to their flagship store in Seattle, all expenses paid. Instead of flying, we decided to drive an electric vehicle. We met with their CFO, Head of Marketing, and HR Lawyer, and talked about how corporate divestment can shift the environmental movement in a positive and ethical way. We also kindly asked them to stop green-washing their branding. They were receptive to our ideas, and maybe even considered using their money for good instead of helping fund the fossil fuel industry, I wouldn’t know. The meeting went well, but we were sure to take an extra day for a hike in The Enchantments to Lake Colchuck, Washington before we made our way back to Eugene. We love the outdoors, and we hope to remain members for life. 


@ TylerisYoung