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The Three Ladies: Exhibit by M. V. Moran

Thursday, February 11 at 8:00am to 10:00pm

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Adell McMillan Gallery
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403

The Three Ladies consists of three triptychs, each triptych consists of the same three ladies. The women are despondent and each are named appropriately, Disheartened, Discouraged and Dispirited. Each large piece portrays a female figure in a swimsuit. The location in time and space is not known by the women or the viewer.

The Three Ladies, on panel,were created for the gallery at Maude Kerns Art Center. The building's history was a major influence for this work. The building was once Fairmount Presbyterian Church. The congregation aged out in the 1950s, and then the building became the art center it is today. The knowledge of a congregation aging out nagged at me. I knew of church bodies growing out of a facility, but not one that had closed. The fact that people no longer wanted to be part of the Gospel was saddening. I wondered if the congregation relocated and what happened to their descendants. The building once offered a place of sanctuary for the sinful, Sunday School classes for children, then no longer. I took this idea of aging out and applied the concept to my own body and my own faith. I am the model and the muse for these drawings. The drawings were also influenced by Lucas Cranach the Elder's Three Graces and Botticelli's Three Graces of the Primavera.

The women stand in 1950s styled swimsuits modeling their attire in an old church. They are a bit too fat to be lazily standing about in swim wear. As if transported from a dressing room to the panel. Their location is not the beach or a hotel pool. The women do not have sunglasses, sunscreen or a drink. They are to be viewed. They are purposely created to be on display. But, for whom? They are not the graven images of the icon, nor the pin up girls of the 1950s. These women are somewhere between the virgin and the old hag. Author Edwin Mullins in his book, The Painted Witch states, "the good woman can be classified in declining order of excellence, the four-star virgin, the three-star wife, the two-star deflowered martyr and then finally the repentant wanton." Therefore, a woman’s value is based on societies view in that place and time. These women do not fit into the categories above. They are simply nine women.

The central figure, of each triptych, is the only woman who looks out to the viewer. One looks to her sister with sadness, the other appears to be judging the two. Dispirited's eyebrows are lowered and her gaze is focused completely outside the picture plane. The women have large breasts, round and full of life. The palette of black, white and gray reinforce the solitude. These women stand awkwardly, childless in their own confinement, are embedded into the panel. They cannot move, but are eternally stuck in their isolation.

M. V. Moran earned her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Moran has a BFA in Painting from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Moran is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Bushnell University in Eugene, Oregon and a Lane Arts Council Artist-in-Residence.

M. V. Moran

UO ID required to view exhibition in gallery. Virtual tour will be available at UO Visual Arts Instagram and Facebook: and