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Spring Break Self Guided Trips! - Ribbon Trail

Monday, March 29, 2021


Spring Break Self Guided Trips! - Ribbon Trail

Click Here for a printable PDF for Self-Guided

Looking for a stress-free adventure around town? The Outdoor Program in part of UO Wellness Week is encouraging all students to explore local and stay local to keep your campus community safe. Below is a fun, stress-free, and adventurous walk/hike you can do in Eugene and around the Campus area. 




Route info: Start by following our Hendricks Park route. Once you've arrived at the parking lot, follow the decommissioned road which starts behind the bathrooms to a clearing with a stone pedestal and a bench. From there, take a left onto the dirt trail - the start of the Ribbon Trail! Take the first trail on the right, which leads uphill for a spell before leveling out. Hendricks Park has many smaller trail options on the way up to the Ribbon Trail which offer opportunities for exploration and alternate routes.


Points of interest:

The Ribbon Trail is a part of Eugene's larger Ridgeline Trail system that spans the south hills of Eugene and includes hikes like Mt Baldy and Spencer's Butte. Keep an eye out for flora and fauna



  • Big Leaf Maples
  • Douglas Firs
  • Trillium wildflowers
  • Wild turkeys
  • Deer
  • Scrubjays
  • Squirrels galore
  • ...and much more!

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