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Spring Break Self Guided Trips! - Talking Stones

Monday, March 29, 2021


Spring Break Self Guided Trips! - Talking Stones

Click Here for a printable PDF for Self-Guided

Looking for a stress-free adventure around town? The Outdoor Program in part of UO Wellness Week is encouraging all students to explore local and stay local to keep your campus community safe. Below is a fun, stress-free, and adventurous walk/hike you can do in Eugene and around the Campus area. 



Level 2| 5 miles roundtrip |↗ 780ft

Route Info:

From the EMU, follow Agate Street to the Autzen footbridge. After crossing the Willamette River head left or right and walk along a variety of trails throughout Alton Baker City Park, keeping an eye to the sides of trails. Look below this poster for a more detailed map of where the Talking Stones are located!

Part of the Talking Stones route is on Pre's Trail, named for UO running legend Steve Prefontaine. This trail follows Pre's favorite running route from campus.

Points of interest:

The Kalapuya Talking Stones are public art pieces located in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker City Park. Installed in December 2002, they work to bring Kalapuya language back into native territory. The words inscribed on basalt rocks sourced from Kalapuya land reference aspects of life that have been culturally significant for tribal people.

Some of the words and phrases you will find featured on these art pieces include:

- Wha-lik = place by the water

- Whilamut = where the river ripples and runs fast

- De-Ha-Yaba = near a camas field

- Camafeema = ferns on the ground

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