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Exhibition reception: "Slippages: AI as Creative Practice" - 510 Oak building

Friday, June 7, 2019 at 5:30pm to 8:00pm

510 Oak 510 Oak St, Eugene, OR 97401

An Exhibition Of Experiments Using Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is entering culture at an accelerating pace. The specter of AI becoming an equivalent and potential danger to human intelligence has a long history in science fiction, and is still lively in the cultural imagination. In actuality AI is being used in much more applied and pragmatic ways. While ad placement, predictive auto fill, children’s toys, data mining, surveillance, voice activated interfaces, and so forth don’t represent a terminator style apocalyptic crisis, they do carry with them their own their values and cultural changes. Some of these changes are noticeable and calls of concern are raised, others slip seamlessly into place —readily adopted in exchange for the apparent advancement or sheer novelty. The artists in this show have spent the year studying the many issues being raised by AI but for this exhibition have landed on an approach less overtly political or instructive about the field. Instead they have created works that draw out and make visible the slippages at play in cultural as Artificial Intelligence gains ascension.

Work by Thomas Newlands, Gaby Burkard, Amelia Thompson Zachary Boys, Colin Willoughby, Sarah Carlson, Ella Hansen, Kory Schneider, and Colin Ives. 

The exhibition is part of the Lane Arts Council First Firday ArtWalk - free and open to all.

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