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Queer & Neurodivergent Identity Subgroup Meeting

Sunday, June 12 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm

LGBTQA3 Office (EMU 022)

For the queer & neurodivergent subgroup, Centauri (he/it/rot) runs this communal space! The term neurodivergent is an umbrella term including anybody with:

- Mental illnesses

- Intellectual/neurological disabilities and/or disorders

- Personality disorders

- Emotional/physical trauma

- Different neurotypes than the "norm"

...And more!


Meeting schedule:

4/3 : Virtual meeting

4/17 : In person meeting

5/1 : Virtual meeting

5/15 : In person meeting

5/29 : Virtual meeting

6/12 : In person meeting


Come hang out to meet other neurodivergent folks, talk about life and personal journeys, and find community!

The in-person meetings are at the QA3 Office. The virtual meetings are held on the discord server: