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This four-part workshop series on data science fundamentals in Pandas is designed to follow our Introduction to Python courses (or another introductory Python course such as CS 122). Participants will develop the skills they need to clean, analyze, and visualize tabular data in Python by working through hands-on exercises with real data.

Topics covered include:

•          Importing data from CSVs, Excel files, and the web
•          Altering, pivoting, and reshaping data in Pandas
•          Grouping and aggregation with Pandas dataframes
•          Applying functions to dataframes
•          Correcting common errors in tabular data
•          Visualizing data in MatplotLib

Familiarity with variables, functions, and data types in Python is assumed. As a refresher, we recommend reviewing the Software Carpentries Python curriculum.

Come 15 minutes early or schedule a quick appointment with Data Services if you need help configuring your Python environment before the first session starts.

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