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Protection Connection's Totally Platonic Speed Dating Game

Monday, April 17, 2023 at 5:00pm to 8:00pm

EMU, Swindell Room 230

This event aims to normalize casual conversations around boundaries and improve participants’ ability to understand their own boundaries through conversation and opportunities for introspection.   

The event will accomplish these goals by providing a safe and structured space for connection and conversation. Students will have access to community health professionals as well as Protection Connection student workers.  

The “speed dating” element of the event will consist of several rounds of conversations between participants. Rounds will be short and will feature questions about boundaries and healthy relationships. Questions will touch on concepts like consent, intimacy, relationships, but may not be specifically about sex (e.g “What is one time you thought you’d like something until you tried it?” Or “what is your silliest ‘ick’?”)   

Students will leave the event with a better understanding of their own boundaries and increased comfort conveying them to other people. 

Event Type

Wellness, Prevention


Division of Student Life, Office of the Dean of Students, Sexual Violence Prevention & Education (SVPE)

Target Audience

All Students


##PreventionDemandsVisability #SexWeekUO #SAAM


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