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Our Revolution Anthem with Ebo Barton

Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 4:15pm to 5:45pm

Virtual Event

Our Revolution Anthem will open with a performance and reading of poetry by Ebo Barton. Ebo will then lead a writing workshop, a series of writing exercises and activities that allow participants to write about their identities and how they fit or do not fit into our world. As a group, participants will create one final “Revolution Anthem” using the Exquisite Corpse Poem as a structure. Participants will be asked a series of questions about themselves and their role in creating a world that exists without barriers or oppression. 

The Revolution Anthem will be created and framed by Ebo as a token of the group’s commitment to social justice and inclusivity on their campus and community, but also in their lives. 

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About Ebo Barton: 

Ebo Barton comes from salt— from the moment before worlds converge. In this world, we are still trying to articulate that mixed Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, Queer, Artists and Educators not only matter but are precious. A leader in arts and activism, Ebo Barton is committed to creating opportunities for others to organize, heal and rejoice. From weekly open mics to curated shows like Alchemy Poetry with Ben Yisrael to educating across the country at various institutions, 2020 Jack Straw Writing Fellow, Ebo Barton's written, performative and community work demands societal reckoning. In 2016, they placed 5th in the World at Individual World Poetry Slam. In 2017, they co-wrote and co-produced the award-winning play, "Rising Up".  In 2018, they played "Invisible One" in Anastacia Renee's "Queer. Mama. Crossroads" and reprised the role in 2019.