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Occupant Well-being and the Built Environment

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 5:30pm

Virtual Event

Lecture Description

Dr. Flavia Grey and Vidhya Rajendran from ZGF Architects’ Data Strategy and Research team will discuss the latest knowledge and strategies to design, build, and operate healthy and sustainable buildings.  They will introduce how the built environment impacts occupant health and well-being and share human-centered design best practices as applied to some case studies from their work.


Flavia Grey

Flavia partners with clients and project teams to incorporate data-driven decision-making into all phases of design, from concept development to construction administration and beyond. Flavia taps into new and existing streams of data to inform and objectively assess the efficacy of ZGF’s work to provide the healthiest, most productive spaces for end users. She strengthens the firm’s designs with occupancy evaluations, space utilization studies, and other project-specific and firmwide research initiatives, and also gathers, organizes, and mines data to make informed design decisions. Since 2017, Flavia has hosted the popular U.S. Green Building Council podcast “Built for Health,” in which she interviews public health professionals, researchers, and building-industry practitioners about designing, building, and operating healthier buildings.


Vidhya Rajendran

Vidhya Rajendran is an architect and sustainability data analyst at ZGF Architects. She is a recent graduate from the Master of Science in Architecture program from the University of Washington, Seattle. She specializes in computational design, sustainability, and data management