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Non-traditional Career Paths for Social Science and Humanities PhDs

Friday, May 17 at 3:00pm to 4:50pm

Lillis Business Complex, 111
955 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR

Join us for a panel and conversation with four social science/humanities PhDs who have experience working in non-traditional and/or non-academic jobs post-graduation. We will discuss the variety of careers PhD students might pursue outside of tenure-track academic jobs, how to translate the skills developed in graduate school to jobs outside of academia, and the pros and cons of academic versus non-academic jobs. The event is open to graduate students in the social sciences or humanities, and attendees are encouraged to come with questions.

Our panelists bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to the discussion. Nick Galasso, Head of Research at Oxfam, offers insights from over two decades of promoting social justice in international development. Deana Dartt, the founding Director of Live Oak Consulting, combines her indigenous heritage as a Coastal Chumash and Mestiza with curatorial roles at prestigious institutions and various teaching appointments. Sophia Ford, a recent graduating PhD candidate in Environmental Studies and Geography, initially searched for nonprofit jobs and secured a post-doc with the National Park Service's Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship. Lastly, Alex Farrington, who is currently a research associate and part-time lecturer at Portland State University, transitioned from a Hatfield Public Service fellow and community outreach coordinator position for a nonprofit. Alex is able to speak to the experience of moving between policy-oriented/nonprofit and academic jobs.

Together, they will explore the diverse career opportunities available to graduate students in the social sciences and humanities, providing guidance on translating academic skills into real-world contexts and offering insight into academic versus non-academic paths.

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