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Native Studies Colloquium

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Virtual Event

"Pluralistic Worlds: Indigenous Sovereignty in the American Philosophical Context" with Audrey Fayed.

Abstract: This paper explores notions of Indigenous tribes as distinct philosophical worlds through the metaphysics of land, language and relationality. Using the framework of American philosophy, I argue that true pluralism should recognize Indigenous sovereignty and be fundamentally opposed to the assimilatory goals of settler-colonialism. By exploring the distinct nature of multiple worlds within a pluralistic universe, I argue that the restoration of balance should be understood as a shared goal. I conclude by affirming that Indigenous sovereignty and resisting settler-colonialism have many different manifestations but will explore some real life implications in light of Dewey’s understandings of democracy.

Audrey Fayad is a grad student in the philosophy department of UO. She has a background in philosophy and gender and multicultural studies. She came to the UO to learn more about Indigenous philosophy in the academic context and is currently exploring the notions presented in this talk through an independent study with Dr. Scott Pratt.