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Movement and Meditation

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Virtual Event

Incorporate simple movements inspired by qigong and yoga, then ease into shared stillness with focus on inner peace, gratitude, and loving kindness toward self and others.

This is a core workout for resilience, care of the spirit and emotional fitness. Attention paid to elements of the season and our relationship with the planet.

Join us and plug into the power of slowing down.

Led by Mary Ann Petersen, acupuncturist at University Health Services, who has a Masters in Chinese Medicine. Mary Ann talks more about spring and what it brings to our worlds:

Recent Activity

Kelly Copeland

Kelly Copeland left a positive review 1/11/2021

Just what I needed - thank you!

Cindy Nelson

Cindy Nelson left a positive review 11/23/2020

This was awesome and much needed and appreciated. I love the instructor's depth and breadth of knowledge and experience and her gentle way.

Holly Coble

Holly Coble 11/17/2020

Highly recommend!


lpartri3 left a positive review 11/9/2020

I had a fun time! Would go again