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Lunch with Former Hiring Manager John Schaus

Monday, January 14 at 11:45am to 1:00pm

Chiles, Room 125 A&B
925 E 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

Join us for lunch with former hiring manager John Schaus and learn how to successfully navigate the job selection process and negotiate the job offer you want.

We'll discuss:

  • How to identify and effectively communicate your skill set via your experiences from your résumé
  • How to best prepare for the tough questions
  • How to compete with a more experienced candidate
  • Open Q and A: "What's on your mind?"

John Schaus served as a divisional manager for MetLife. As a hiring manager for 12 years, Schaus built up his division to $3 billion in sales a year. He was selected as Manager of the Year three times. Previous to MetLife, he was a sales representative for IBM. Schaus graduated from the University of Oregon's business school with a BS in marketing in 1975 followed by an MBA in finance in 1977.

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Recent Activity

Shawn Lampkins

Shawn Lampkins left a positive review 1/13/2019

it was really informative and I am especially grateful for his willingness to assist in so many ways.

Samuel Holland

Samuel Holland left a review 1/13/2019

I thought John helped to provide some good points during his talk. Yet, the interactions I have had with Career Services have proven to be much more fruitful. For example, telling us to get on LinkedIn and Glassdoor should not be new to the group in Week 1 of winter term.

However, I found that he talked down to the group a lot - referring to the group in the room as "kids", and mentioning that we can use experience from high school. Many of us in the class room had professional lives before attending the MBA program and I find it difficult when that part of our experience is glossed over.

In the future it would be helpful to prepare the speaker by telling him who the audience will be. It may also be helpful to designate certain speaker events as great for MBA students or MSF/MACC students since we are all at different points in our careers.