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LIVE-STREAMED Oregon Composers Forum: "The Sequel: The Graduates Return Part 1: The Reckoning"

Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:30pm

Beall Concert Hall
961 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR

This event will be live-streamed on the SOMD website.

heSeShooEsMah                                                 Pedram Diba (b. 1993)


Umwelten                        Alex Bean (b. 1993)


Suspensions/Accelerations                   Izabel Austin (b. 1994)


the edge of light is ash                                        Izabel Austin (b. 1994)


Serenity                           Mark Cooney (b. 1992)


CheSeShooEsMah                                                 Pedram Diba (b. 1993)

CheSeShooEsMah explores a sound world that involves elements from the music of the west and Persian music. I have combine multiple Persian tuning systems to create a new tuning system with a unique sound. The title of the piece is constructed from the beginning of the names of each tuning system (Chehargah, Segah, Shoor, Esfahan, and Mahoor).

Umwelten                        Alex Bean (b. 1993)

Umwelten (German for “environments”) explores the strange sonic worlds that can be created through digital signal processing. In this piece, the sound of the piano is mixed with pre-recorded audio through a process of frequency manipulation called convolution. The timbres produced are at times subtle and mysterious, and other times grating and abrasive. While composing this piece, I developed a connection between the sound of the harsher electronic timbres and images I had seen of soda lakes, which are inland bodies of water whose chemistry is inimical to most forms of life. Though Umwelten is not specifically programmatic, the piece conveys a sense of wandering through strange and varied sonic environments.

Suspensions/Accelerations                   Izabel Austin (b. 1994)

Suspensions/Accelerations is largely inspired by the opening phrases of Franz Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz No. 3. In this piece, I sought to capture the magnificent unfurling effect of the Waltz’s opening motive, but with the extended piano techniques providing an entirely new context.

the edge of light is ash                                        Izabel Austin (b. 1994)

the edge of light is ash explores the blending and juxtaposition of a variety of instrumental timbres and how they blend to form a cohesive whole. While writing this piece I was inspired by the phenomenon of many human voices all talking at once, and how sometimes they blend together into one sound and other times some rise distinctly above the rest. The title of this piece is not meant to be programmatic, but to merely abstractly represent the complex feelings that I experienced while working on and exploring this piece.


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Arts & Culture, Music, Concert


School of Music and Dance

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All Students, Faculty/Staff, General Public, Residence Halls, Graduate Students, New Students, Alumni


Free Admission


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