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Let's Talk: Black Student Support

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center
1870 E 15th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

Talk with a Black/African American Specialist and Psychologist

Dr. Cecile Gadson will be available on Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m. She is a psychologist who focuses on the needs of Black/African American students.
What is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk is a drop-in service that provides easy access to a free, informal confidential one-on-one consultation with a University Counseling Services counselor.
What makes Let’s Talk different from counseling services at UCS?

  • No appointment necessary (first-come, first-served)
  • No paperwork to be completed
  • Easy access support and consultation

Let’s Talk is especially helpful for students who:

  • Have a specific concern and would like to consult with someone about it
  • Would like on-the-spot consultation rather than ongoing counseling
  • Would like to consult with a UCS staff member about what actual therapy looks like
  • Would like to meet with one of our UCS identity-based specialists
  • Have a concern about a friend or family member and would like some ideas about what to do

How does Let’s Talk work?

In Winter 2022, this Let's Talk session will be offered in person again at the LRP Black Cultural Center. Dr. Gadson will be available to meet with students once they check in using the QR code you'll get to speak with Dr. Gadson as soon as she's available. Let’s Talk appointments are brief (usually between 15-30 minutes) and are meant to be used on an as-needed basis.