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Kate McNamara: “Staying with the Trouble”

Thursday, November 17 at 4:00pm

Lawrence Hall, 115
1190 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR

University of Oregon Fall 2022 Visiting Artist Lecture Series
Presented by the Department of Art and Center for Art Research

This lecture will address contemporary strategies for survival, allyship, empathy, and love through the ideas and artists of two recent exhibitions, Staying with the Trouble and OddKin. In 2016, the eco-feminist Donna Haraway insisted that humans ‘stay with the trouble’ of learning to live well with nonhumans as kin, through practice-based approaches to learning to care for nonhuman others. Echoing the critical ethos found within indigenous knowledge, philosophical practices, and modern science, Haraway advises collaborative approaches to learning to live (and die) together on a damaged Earth. The term "oddkin" rewrites boundaries and stakes the claim that the shape of kinship isn't a birthright, but a choice. These critical ideas are emphasized in the work of artists like Paula Wilson whose large-scale prints bridge the natural and human worlds culling flora and fauna from her home town of Carrizozo, NM; in MPA's staging and critique of Mars' colonization; Cauleen Smith's “BLK FMNNST Loaner Library, 1989–2019” - painted book covers by Black and queer radical literary theorists; and in Carmen Winant collaborations with Ovulars, a series of workshops held in various feminist and lesbian separatist communes in the early 80s.

Kate McNamara is a curator and educator based in Providence, RI. She currently holds the position of Executive and Creative Director of My HomeCourt, a nonprofit arts organization working with contemporary artists to revitalize city parks. McNamara is also a Curator at Providence College Galleries; administrator at Interlace Grant Fund; and is a Visiting Critic at Rhode Island School of Design and Sotheby’s Institute of Art. McNamara is invested in contemporary art and innovative curatorial practices and recently launched KMM Projects, an alternative art program in Providence. 

This lecture is made possible by the Gordon W. Gilkey Endowed Fund.

Lectures are also live streamed and archived on YouTube.


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