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Jenny Kroik - Adell McMillan Gallery Exhibit

Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 7:30am to 11:00pm

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Adell McMillan Gallery
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403

Jenny Kroik received her MFA from the University of Oregon School of Art and Design in 2010. She is a New York City-based illustrator. Born in in St. Petersburg, Russia, she moved to Israel with her family in 1989, and then to the United States in 2002. The inspiration for her whimsical, sensitive paintings comes from the people she sees around her and moving to NYC in 2016 has given her endless material for her illustrations. With her work, she attempts to capture a fleeting moment or a feeling, to freeze time and highlight the beauty and wonder in each person, their environment and event. Jenny has worked with a wide variety of clients on illustrations for books, magazines, advertising, products, and websites, she has also shown her work in a number of US galleries. For the past 9 years Jenny has taught drawing and painting part-time at the University of Oregon and City College of New York and art workshops across the country. She has a BFA in illustration and animation from the Art Institute of Boston and an MFA in painting from the University of Oregon.