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Hike to the "O"!

Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 1:00pm

Skinner Butte Skinner Butte Loop, Eugene, OR 97401

It is happening!! 

Join your fellow Oregon students.... invite your friends as we hike to Skinner Butte and paint the O!!

The "O"'s history dates back to 1908 when one of the projects scheduled for the University's first Junior Weekend was the installation of an "O" atop Skinner's Butte. The huge 50 foot concrete "O" has endured 115 years of reconstruction, dynamite blasts, angry petitions, fires, an actual theft of the "O", and hundreds of coats of paint. It became a UO Homecoming tradition to paint the "O", many times discarding paintbrushes to be replaced with students sliding down the "O" with paint on the seat of their pants.

For an epic picture of the O if you have never seen it before check out the event photo! :)

On Sunday, October 6th meet in the Living Learning Center Courtyard at 1pm. Learn about the traditions of the O and the battle against Oregon State and its color. This will be it's 201st coat of paint due to it's consistent repainting by both schools. 

Come, hike, paint, learn about the past traditions as we pick up this tradition again!

Know that we will have a van if you need to get to the O as well.

See you there!