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Graduate Writing Mentorship Program

Friday, December 1, 2023



We are delighted to present a transformative opportunity for faculty engaged in mentoring graduate students—the Graduate Writing Mentorship Program starting in January 2024. A collaborative initiative by the Division of Graduate Studies, the Teaching Engagement Program (TEP), and the Center on Diversity & Community (CoDaC), this six-session faculty development curriculum addresses a critical gap in academic training. While writing is foundational to scholarly pursuits, few programs teach graduate students the intricacies of writing within their disciplines, and even fewer instruct faculty on effectively teaching writing to their graduate students. Recognizing this gap, our program aims to equip faculty with advanced strategies for mentoring graduate student writers.

Led by CoDaC's Writing Consultant, Mike Murashige, Ph.D., the program goes beyond traditional writing pedagogy, offering insights into the student-mentor relationship, time-efficient instruction, and the practicalities of drafting, revision, and publication. This initiative also runs parallel to a "mirror" Graduate Writing Program for graduate students, encouraging joint participation to foster a shared language and tools for writing. We invite you to participate in this invaluable opportunity to enhance your mentoring skills and guide your graduate students towards becoming accomplished writers in their academic journey. For more information and to apply, email Mike Murashige at Applications accepted through 11:00 PM on December 1.

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