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For Every 30, Get Your 3

Wednesday, October 23 at 8:00am to 5:00pm

University of Oregon, Your Workplace

Join the MOVEMENT! #UOHealthyCampusWeek #UOGetYour3

Current research states we need to move more and any movement counts. To celebrate #UOHealthyCampusWeek we are challenging our campus community to practice intentional 3 minute breaks every 30 minutes; this adds up to about an hour of self-care in your work day. These breaks can be for movement and/or mindfulness; listen to what you need and take your 3! For more regimented schedules, don’t sweat, do what you can; here’s a list of ways to get creative and engage with each other during #UOGetYour3 day!

Share The Day:

1. Send as a calendar invite to your colleagues

2. Share a 3 minute break with someone from another department

3. Remember it’s hard to serve others, if you aren’t caring for yourself #UOGetYour3

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