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Eugene Young Professionals Summit

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 7:30am to 6:30pm

Hilton Eugene 66 E. 6th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401

The Lundquist College of Business is proud to be the title sponsor of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce's Eugene Young Professionals Summit. The Eugene YP Summit is a day long experience that provides a space for dreamers, changemakers, innovators, and open-minded young professionals to get informed, become inspired, and learn what it takes to get involved. The event will provide the tools, resources, and access to community visionaries who will empower the leaders of today and tomorrow to become catalysts for positive change.

How do you define yourself? Maybe it’s DRIVEN. OPTIMISTIC. AUTHENTIC.


MOTHER, MANAGER, MENTOR. The list goes on.

Our individual definitions make up who we are as a community... an evolving community that wants (and needs) your voice!

The future of Eugene starts with us. Our community calls for us to learn, grow, and excel here. And also asks that we give back. By sharing our ideas and talents, while respecting the history that came before us, we can improve this place we all call home – now and for generations to come.

At the third annual Eugene Young Professionals Summit, we invite you to activate your curiosity, discover new ways to grow personally and professionally, foster connections, and dig your roots deep into the community to initiate positive change and get shit done.

Join more than 500 other young professionals in this day-long exploration, fueled by inspiring keynote speakers, insightful panel discussions, motivating change-maker sessions, and opportunities to connect with the leaders of today and tomorrow. We are all in this together.

We are engaged, we are leaders, we are change makers, we are Eugene Young Professionals.

We are ________.

Join us on June 12 to fill in the blank the way you want to define yourself, your future, and our community.

Speakers include Liz Forkin Bohannon, founder of Sseko Design, and Nike senior designer Wilson W. Smith III. View the full schedule on the YP Summit website.

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