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Eugene Young Professionals Summit

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403

It's time to ELEVATE.

The Lundquist College of Business is proud to be the title sponsor of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce's Eugene Young Professionals Summit. The Eugene YP Summit is a day long experience that provides a space for dreamers, changemakers, innovators, and open-minded young professionals to get informed, become inspired, and learn what it takes to get involved. The event will provide the tools, resources, and access to community visionaries who will empower the leaders of today and tomorrow to become catalysts for positive change.

Our community is changing, and our leaders are preparing the city for the next generation. Now, more than ever before, young professionals deserve a voice at the table and have an obligation to take a seat.

  • Elevate yourself. Your skills. Your knowledge. Your passions.
  • Elevate your community. Be a part of your community's future.
  • Elevate into action. Find where you fit and be the change.

The keynote speaker will be two-time Olympic gold medalist and Duck Ashton Eaton '10.

We're calling all young professionals out there... are you in?

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