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Department of Product Design lecture: Shaun Tomson

Thursday, February 7 at 3:00pm

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Redwood Auditorium, EMU 214
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403

The Code for the Next Wave: How to design a new life of purpose, power and passion

Shaun Tomson 
Leadership Activist 
World Champion Surfer Entrepreneur 

Find your purpose

Find your power

Find your path


Purpose is the energy that empowers organizations and individuals to thrive. 
It positively impacts schools and the workplace too – recent research from EY indicates that purpose-led organizations perform 42% better than those that are simply in business.

However, according to a Gallup poll, two-thirds of employees in the United States are purposeless -  bored, detached and ready to actively sabotage plans, projects and other people. Considering you spend around third of your life at work, this disengaged culture means that helping people to find a sense of purpose isn’t just vital for business, but also for people’s overall wellbeing.

With these insights in mind, Shaun Tomson shows how to find and define one’s purpose to powerfully re-engage individuals and activate a positive wave of commitment and performance throughout an organization. 

Shaun has shared his Code Leadership Method around the world, from Fortune 500 companies in the US to rural schools in South Africa.

A former World Surfing Champion, Shaun was named one of the 10 Greatest Surfers of All Time and one of the most influential surfers of the century by Surfer Magazine.  He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Leadership and has created two popular apparel brands, Instinct and Solitude (co-founded with his wife Carla).

Shaun is the author of the best sellers Surfer’s Code and The Code – The Power of “I Will”, and produced and co-wrote the documentary film Bustin’ Down the Door (2006). He a past board member of Surfrider Foundation and the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club, and is an ambassador for mentoring nonprofit Boys to Men. He lives with wife and 9-year-old son in Montecito, California.