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291 W 8th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

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Common Girl is a tinnitus inducing quartet from Portland, Oregon, pulling from a myriad of influences to create their own brand of shoegaze.

Rhododendron is a band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in early 2019, they take sonic cues from old-school math rock and post-hardcore as well as a healthy dose of post-rock, drone, jazz and whatever music they might be listening to that day.

Twistur is a three piece band from and currently based in Portland, Oregon. With each member’s unique approach toward their instrument and songwriting came a musical dynamic that naturally pushes their music’s boundaries. The mixture of bassist Carson Nitta and drummer Gabriel Rosenfield creates a rhythmically connected and supporting backing for singer and guitarist Santino Olguin-Vazquez’ familiar yet distinctive songwriting. 

Swing is a three piece from Eugene, Oregon.

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