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Cinema & Media Studies in Siena: Info Session

Thursday, February 7 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Allen Hall, 141
1020 University Street, Eugene, OR

On this fall quarter program, you will embark on a ‘voyage’ of discovery through some of the major Italian films. You will learn why Italian films have been so influential around the world and why Italy is the country that has won the highest number of Academy Awards. By living in Italy and experiencing its rich culture, you will appreciate why cinema matters so much to the Italian people. Excursions to Rome and Venice will allow you to visit important historic sites and film locations.  Come and learn more about the program from Dr. Sergio Rigoletto, Associate Professor of Italian and Cinema Studies. 

Program Dates:

September 19 - December 7

Application Deadline:

Priority - March 15

Final - April 15

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