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Artist Reception: Sergio B. Sanchez

Thursday, January 17 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Adell McMillan Gallery
1395 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403

Artist Reception - Adell McMillan Gallery

The EMU Visual Arts Team and the Division of Equity and Inclusion invite you to meet the artist and enjoy coffee and sweets at a reception for Sergio B. Sanchez' Santanero y Mexicano exhibit in the EMU Adell McMillan Gallery.

Pre-Planning Public Policy and Management- B.A. ‘21

Sergio B. Sanchez: Born in Anaheim, Sergio was raised in the city of Santa Ana, California, learning how to make the best of what he had and one of the things he picked up quickly was art. He started with block letters doing graffiti and shifted to more complex 3D pieces during elementary and middle school, and then to more old school and freestyle lettering in high school. Now, he has shifted into not only lettering, but also drawing out more detailed pieces to reflect on the good times and bad times of the Chicano lifestyle: the pride, the struggle, the love, the pain, and everything in-between.

“I never thought that art would take me this far or that I would even have the opportunity to have my own gallery one day because of my past with art. My middle school principle and vice-principle told me that I “would never make it with this kind of art” and to think about “taking some real art classes” and proceeded to suspend me for having sharpies and looking up graffiti on the school computers. No, I never took those “real art classes” because my art comes from the streets, not a classroom, and that’s real. That made me think that I never really wanted to do anything with art besides have it as a hobby until now. Realizing this, has made my art grow immensely in less than a year. I would like to take this back to my community and work with kids who have a passion for art, do murals around my city and other cities, create art festivals because street art, specifically Chicano Art, is something rich and crazy. This exhibition is named “Santanero y Mexicano” because of its dedication to my city, my culture, and the lifestyle of growing up as a Chicano in the city of Santa Ana in Southern Cali.”