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April 23 - 29, 2019

Wednesday, April 24

Department of Product Design lecture: Jay Sae Jung Oh

Jay Sae Jung Oh: “Keepin’ It Real” Jay Sae Jung Oh explores the diverse realm of design as a furniture designer, a product designer, an artist, and an...

Warsaw Sports Business Club Presents IDL

Come join the WSBC for our second meeting of spring term and hear from a panel from IDL Worldwide. IDL is an experiential marketing agency that has worked...

Thursday, April 25

Free Lecture with Dr. Andre van Wijnen on the Development of Therapeutic Strategies for Joint Preservation and Regeneration

Learn about the development of mechanism-based strategies to mitigate joint degeneration, support joint repair, and to restore joint function is critical to...

KakaoTalk Rumor Effect

"KakaoTalk Rumor Effect: The influence of social media on participation and knowledge in the 2017 South Korean presidential campaign" by Dr. Nojin Kwak,...

Department of Art Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Pope.L

Davis Family Lecture Pope.L: "Until Now" Pope.L will present a compact survey of several strands in his art practice to-date. Pope.L (b. 1955, Newark) is...

Friday, April 26

Accounting Research Workshop

The UO School of Accounting presents guest speaker Chad Ham from Washington University in St. Louis.

Monday, April 29

Gambling and Cheating in the Age of Caravaggio

Speaker John Hunt is an Assistant Professor of History and Political Science at Utah Valley University and Fellow of Villa I Tatti, the Harvard University...

Hybrid Vigor (Art x Design x Ecology)

The Hybrid Vigor talk is focused on David Buckley Borden’s environmental-communication projects from the complementary perspectives of art, design and...

April 23 - 29, 2019