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Health & Well-Being Events

November 5 - 11, 2018

Tuesday, November 6


Take a moment to connect with yourself during this communal meditation circle | Hosted by Arian Mobasser of Oregon Mindfulness (OM)

Hip Hop and the Four Elements of Masculinity

Many people have grown to love and embrace Hip Hop as a way of life. The historical messages of resistance, social justice, and community that first began...

Lead Climbing Clinic Series 2

Learn how to lead in this three week clinic series. This series is focused on the basic skills needed to confidently pass the Rock District’s indoor lead...

Wednesday, November 7

Route Setting Clinic Series

Learn the fundamentals of route setting in this exciting clinic series. You will get the opportunity to practice setting while learning the basic safety and...

Stress and Anxiety Management Workshop

Learn how to identify stress and anxiety triggers and work on personalized management techniques. All students are welcome to drop in.

Happiness Hour

Happiness is an ingrained lifestyle. Uncover your true nature. Join us for weekly breathing-yoga-meditation.

Introduction to Meditation: Relax and Renew

Registration is now open for Relax and Renew, a six-week introduction to meditation class that is open to University of Oregon students, faculty, and...

Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

This *free* weekly meditation group is hosted by Dr. David McCormick, Director of the UO Institute of Neuroscience and Bean Hall Faculty Fellow. No...

Thursday, November 8

Fall NonTrad Luncheon

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet other non-traditional students with similar challenges and access relaxation and wellness education. Learn...

Drop-in Pressure Points Relaxation

This free drop-in session utilizes a stress ball on pressure points of the hands and feet. Experience how simple techniques can relax your entire body,...

Women's / Female Identified Boulder Hour

During this hour the boulder is for use by any belay certified female identified climber.

Friday, November 9

Relaxation Yoga

This free hour class is designed to enhance muscular strength, flexibility, and balance while centering the mind and reducing stress. We have the mats, all...

Saturday, November 10

Dogs at the Duck Nest

Stop by the Duck Nest to pet some pups and destress for the day. We love having the dogs come visit us and they love seeing you! PAAWS is a Eugene, Oregon...

Intramural Sports Tennis Tournament

Join Intramural Sports for our Tennis tournament on November 10th & 11th in the Student Tennis Center. Men's, Women's, and Coed divisions. No more teams...

November 5 - 11, 2018