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Student Recreation Center (SRC)

1320 E. 15th Street, Eugene, OR

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Crack Climbing Clinic

Learn the fundamentals of crack climbing technique and taping as well as tips and tricks for different styles of cracks.

4/22 6pm
Lead Climbing Clinic Series

Learn how to lead in this three week clinic series. This series is focused on the basic skills needed to confidently pass the Rock District’s indoor lead...

4/22 8pm
Route Setting Clinic

Learn the fundamentals of route setting in this exciting clinic series. You will get the opportunity to practice setting while learning the basic safety and...

Adaptive Rock Climbing

Can I participate? Oregon Adaptive Climbing welcomes you to participate at one of our upcoming events! We welcome participants with all types of physical and...

4/28 10am
Intramural Sports Inner Tube Water Polo Tournament

Join Intramural Sports for our inner tube water polo tournament on April 29th in the SRC Downtown Aquatics Center. We will offer a coed division only, format...

4/28 11am

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Xuan Lin

Xuan Lin left a positive review 2/21/2019

It was great

Roben Itchoak

Roben Itchoak left a positive review 10/27/2018

My kids had such a great time! The game booths were fun and easily modified to meet their different ability levels - but still challenging enough to make them feel successful. I loved seeing their smiles and and joy, especially as they ran on the obstacle course. Thank you Rec or Treat crew!

Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown left a positive review 5/30/2018

Lots of great stuff and great organizers.

Kathy Cannon

Kathy Cannon left a positive review 5/30/2018

I had fun at the hike and also still learned a few things even after 35 years :)

Katie Conley

Katie Conley left a positive review 7/25/2016

I wish this happened two or three times a year!

Steven Ackerman

Steven Ackerman left a positive review 10/14/2016

Loved it.

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 5/19/2017

It was an awesome event!!! Maybe more advertisement or a lower cost so me people would be able to participate!:)

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 1/8/2017

so awesome! Maybe more advertisement and free opportunities to be able to try it out!

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 4/19/2017

Fun class! great way to let off steam and do something active and enjoyable! Teacher was great at keeping you moving and engaged!

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a negative review 4/20/2017

very slow songs, I was not able to get a work out and the energy was quite low