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Student Recreation Center (SRC)

1320 E. 15th Street, Eugene, OR

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Duck Trails Classic Camp

Nestled in the heart of the University of Oregon campus, Duck Trails Classic Camp takes advantage of our university location by providing a full-day variety...

6/26 8:30am
Duck Trails Climbing & Outdoor Survival Camp

Climbing and Outdoor Survival Camp offers a wide variety of activities for teenage campers, including rock climbing techniques, belaying, building emergency...

6/26 8:30am
Duck Trails Imagination Factory Camp

Campers will step into a world that feeds their curiosity and helps them generate inventive solutions to exciting and unique challenges. Imagination Factory...

6/26 8:30am
Duck Trails Sports Camp

If your camper has energy for days and a love of all types of sporting endeavors, Sports Camp is a great program for them. Campers will be active and engaged...

6/26 8:30am
Junior Counselor Program - Duck Trails Camp

Duck Trails Summer Camps is proud to introduce our inaugural Junior Counselor program. Designed for high school aged teens, this program offers an exciting...

6/26 8:30am

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Gentle Yoga


Webfoot CrossFit


Vinyasa Yoga




Recent Activity

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 5/19/2017

It was an awesome event!!! Maybe more advertisement or a lower cost so me people would be able to participate!:)

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 1/8/2017

so awesome! Maybe more advertisement and free opportunities to be able to try it out!

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a positive review 4/19/2017

Fun class! great way to let off steam and do something active and enjoyable! Teacher was great at keeping you moving and engaged!

Tianna SantaBarbara

Tianna SantaBarbara left a negative review 4/20/2017

very slow songs, I was not able to get a work out and the energy was quite low

Mindy Kirk

Mindy Kirk left a positive review 3/16/2017

So much fun but not quite enough time to finish all of the stations.

JoLynn Burdett

JoLynn Burdett left a positive review 3/20/2017

I enjoyed Rec the Rainbow. I can't wait to do it again! It's a great way to tour the Rec Center and try out the different areas. I even climbed the Rock Wall :)

Vickie Braga

Vickie Braga left a positive review 3/20/2017

This was a lot of fun. I would just recommend having signs or something to lead people to the different locations. This was my first time at the SRC and we wasted time trying to find the cross-fit room and ended up not doing all of the activities. Other than that, the staff was great and it was fun!

Yongdan Wang

Yongdan Wang left a positive review 1/28/2017

It was great, except for one of the rock climbing trainers who showed a sad face and with no encouragement to the kid. While the other young man in Blue T-shirt with UO sign was really patient and nice, unluckily he was not our trainer.

Lindsay Elliott

Lindsay Elliott left a positive review 5/27/2015

I signed up for the event in advance, but my name wasn't on the list at the check-in station. If I can do something different next year to ensure my name shows up, I would be happy to do it. I loved the walk!

Perri McGee

Perri McGee left a positive review 5/27/2015

I had no idea the hours the planners and the volunteers had to put into this event! Thank you for doing so, this was a great event, I walked with people I did not know, learned things about departments that I had never checked out, and got swag! The greatest take-a-way was the walking map and suggested routes, I will use this map.