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Museum of Natural and Cultural History

1680 E 15th Avenue, Eugene, OR



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DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition

Through 60 stunning and intimate portraits, photographer Dana Gluckstein pays homage to Indigenous Peoples around the world. Taken in Africa, the Americas,...

10/17 11am
Explore Oregon Exhibit

300 million years of Northwest natural history. Go Deep. Explore the forces shaping Oregon’s landscapes and ecosystems. Discover the giant sabertooth salmon...

10/17 11am
Oregon-- Where Past is Present

Delve into Oregon’s story, from the first Americans at Paisley Caves to the dynamic cultures of today’s tribes. This newly enhanced exhibit combines...

10/17 11am
Paisley Caves and the First Americans

When did people arrive in North America? How did they get here? Museum archaeologists found surprising answers to these questions at Oregon’s Paisley Caves....

10/17 11am
The Moon: a Photographic Exhibit

Mountains formed in moments? Bootprints that last for thousands of years? All this and more happens on Earth's only satellite, the Moon! Learn interesting...

10/17 11am

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Yuncong Han

Yuncong Han left a positive review 9/28/2017

It's a good experience for me.

Kenneth Singer

Kenneth Singer left a positive review 8/2/2017

Dr. Fisher was very energetic, the talk was timely, informative, well presented, with excellent audiovisuals. Very well done.

Qianwei Liu

Qianwei Liu left a positive review 2/23/2017

It was percect, people are friendly, foods are delicious and we met a new friend in that activity.

Faisal Albalawi

Faisal Albalawi left a positive review 10/10/2016

it was good and the presenter was awesome, I surprised that there are old animals live in Oregon. in sum, I like it and I'll try to go to other archaeology events again.