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Matthew Knight Arena

1840 E 13th Ave Eugene, OR


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Lundquist College of Business Undergraduate Commencement

Celebrate the best four years of your life. The Lundquist College of Business holds its own commencement ceremony for business undergraduates in addition to...

6/17/2019 12:30pm

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Rui Lin

Rui Lin left a positive review 9/20/2018


Kyla Esselburn

Kyla Esselburn left a positive review 9/19/2018

Couldn't stay for all of it had to go to a meeting for the hall but great what I saw.

Kyla Esselburn

Kyla Esselburn left a positive review 9/19/2018

So many fun activities. I feel like they need to get the times down a little better but other than that so much fun and free stuff.

Marina Torre

Marina Torre left a positive review 5/4/2017

So funny!!

Suzie Stadelman

Suzie Stadelman left a positive review 2/2/2017

Amazing speaker. Well informed and inspiring.

Darian Lightfoot

Darian Lightfoot left a positive review 2/2/2017

I really enjoyed what he had to say. Getting into the arena was super confusing and the workers there had no idea what was going on and kept giving incorrect information. Also, online it said the lecture would be an hour and 15 minutes and ended up only being 40 minutes. That was pretty disappointing. What Ta-Nehisi said was very powerful and I am so happy I went, but the logistics were off.

Qianyun Zhang

Qianyun Zhang left a positive review 2/2/2017

It is amazing~~~~~

Sonali Sampat

Sonali Sampat left a positive review 2/2/2017

One of the best ways I've spent my time in my entire life. Invaluable insights.

Matthew Knight Arena

Matthew Knight Arena posted a photo 3/21/2013

John C Hook

John C Hook left a positive review 10/12/2012

Really sick