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Lillis Business Complex

955 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR

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Ruha Benjamin lecture

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University where I study the social dimensions of science, technology,...

2/4/2020 6:30pm
Elizabeth Rush lecture

Elizabeth Rush is the author of Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shoreand Still Lifes from a Vanishing City: Essays and Photographs from Yangon,...

3/5/2020 6:30pm
Leonard Mlodinow lecture

Leonard Mlodinow is a theoretical physicist and author, recognized for groundbreaking discoveries in physics, and as the author of five best-selling books....

4/21/2020 6:30pm
Paul Root Wolpe lecture

Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D. is the Raymond F. Schinazi Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics, a Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics,...

5/14/2020 6:30pm

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Rebecca Amodeo

Rebecca Amodeo left a positive review 4/23/2019

This was a wonderful event. Dr. Archer is an engaging speaker. I learned a lot!

Sarina Menashe

Sarina Menashe left a positive review 4/25/2019

Wonderful seminar! A great introduction and working example of Google Analytics. Wish I would have known about these seminars earlier in my college career!

Cynthia Saras

Cynthia Saras left a positive review 4/23/2019

Dr. Anita Archer was amazing! She was very insightful and provided relevant information as well as resources.

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards left a review 10/24/2018

I would have enjoyed more time for Q&A as there were questions I had for the whole panel. It felt more of an information session than exploring finance careers and gaining knowledge. Overall, it was okay.

Molly Mair

Molly Mair left a positive review 5/24/2018

Very open and honest dialogue about business and integrity. I enjoyed it very much.

Brian Gaudette

Brian Gaudette left a positive review 5/24/2018

It was a lively conversation on very important topics. The honesty and levity from most of the panelists was very refreshing and had me hanging on their very open vulnerable words. There is a tendency within human nature to self aggrandize and tell a crowd what one thinks the crowd wants to hear. The sort of honest discussions that took place at this event I believe is needed more at our academic institutions.

A Philanda Moore

A Philanda Moore left a positive review 5/9/2018

The information that was talked about was very pertinent and both presenters had a strong grasp on their specific topics. I really enjoyed the Q&A session after the presentation(s)

Franklin Houser

Franklin Houser left a review 2/7/2018

it was ok, not what I expected.

Tina Marie Saxe

Tina Marie Saxe left a positive review 5/10/2017

I met a lot of great firms last night. It was wonderful to get a better idea of what is out there as well as get a feel for the culture of the firms to facilitate decision making for internships.

Ian Hericks

Ian Hericks left a positive review 4/5/2017

Was a great event