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Lillis Business Complex

955 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR

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Career Lab: Building Your Network with LinkedIn

You have a LinkedIn profile, now what? Join us for an interactive session to harness the power of LinkedIn to build your professional network.

5/21 4pm
Sales Club Meeting - Franz Bakery

Come network at the next sales club. Franz Bakery will be sending representatives to speak about their role, sales, and career advice. Food will be provided,...

5/21 6pm
Warsaw Sports Business Club Presents Terrence Burns

Please join us for the WSBC's last meeting of the year. Tonight, we will be hearing from Terrence Burns who has vast experience in marketing and sponsorship...

5/22 6pm
TAMID Group: Info Night Session and Recruitment

Interested in working hand-in-hand with startups? Join us for our info night session to meet the team and learn more about TAMID. We offer an extensive...

5/22 7pm
PhD Spring Celebration

Lundquist College PhD students are invited to attend the annual spring celebration and announcement of the Best Doctoral Research Awards, the Best Teaching...

5/23 4pm

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Sarina Menashe

Sarina Menashe left a positive review 4/25/2019

Wonderful seminar! A great introduction and working example of Google Analytics. Wish I would have known about these seminars earlier in my college career!

Cynthia Saras

Cynthia Saras left a positive review 4/23/2019

Dr. Anita Archer was amazing! She was very insightful and provided relevant information as well as resources.

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards left a review 10/24/2018

I would have enjoyed more time for Q&A as there were questions I had for the whole panel. It felt more of an information session than exploring finance careers and gaining knowledge. Overall, it was okay.

Molly Mair

Molly Mair left a positive review 5/24/2018

Very open and honest dialogue about business and integrity. I enjoyed it very much.

Brian Gaudette

Brian Gaudette left a positive review 5/24/2018

It was a lively conversation on very important topics. The honesty and levity from most of the panelists was very refreshing and had me hanging on their very open vulnerable words. There is a tendency within human nature to self aggrandize and tell a crowd what one thinks the crowd wants to hear. The sort of honest discussions that took place at this event I believe is needed more at our academic institutions.

A Philanda Moore

A Philanda Moore left a positive review 5/9/2018

The information that was talked about was very pertinent and both presenters had a strong grasp on their specific topics. I really enjoyed the Q&A session after the presentation(s)

Franklin Houser

Franklin Houser left a review 2/7/2018

it was ok, not what I expected.

Tina Marie Saxe

Tina Marie Saxe left a positive review 5/10/2017

I met a lot of great firms last night. It was wonderful to get a better idea of what is out there as well as get a feel for the culture of the firms to facilitate decision making for internships.

Ian Hericks

Ian Hericks left a positive review 4/5/2017

Was a great event

Davin Fitzgerald

Davin Fitzgerald left a positive review 4/5/2017

so cool to listen to these business professionals