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Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA)

1430 Johnson Lane, Eugene, OR, 97403



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Don’t Touch My Hair: Expressions of Identity and Community

Organized by UO graduate and guest curator Meredith Lancaster, this exhibition investigates the politics of hair, racialized beauty standards, hair rituals,...

Herman Brookman: Visualizing the Sacred

Twentieth-century architect Herman Brookman (1891-1973) designed several of Oregon’s most recognizable landmark structures, many of which are on the National...

Keith Achepohl: Vision of Nature/Vessel of Beauty

In 2011, Eugene-based artist Keith Achepohl (American, born 1934) spent three weeks at the Morris Graves Foundation Artist Residency, “The Lake,” in Loleta,...

Morris Graves: Layers of Time

In recognition of the importance of Morris Graves’s work and home to Keith Achepohl, we asked Achepohl if he would curate a companion exhibition. This...

"Don’t Touch My Hair: Expressions of Identity and Community" Opening Reception

Join us for the opening reception of Don’t Touch My Hair: Expressions of Identity and Community.

2/23 4pm

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tova stabin

tova stabin posted a photo 2/2/2018

Kyle Marston

Kyle Marston left a positive review 10/21/2017

I didn't know anything about this subject matter so being a fly on the wall and just listening was a great experience!

Torsten Kjellstrand

Torsten Kjellstrand left a positive review 2/28/2017

Another example of Prof Chavez and the JSMA facilitating a constructive conversation about an issue of national importance. Thank you.

Gregory Bryant

Gregory Bryant posted a photo 2/4/2016

"Saint Datura" by Olga Volchkova "Saint Datura" by Olga Volchkova

Paul J Clifford

Paul J Clifford left a positive review 7/4/2014

Ellie did a good job of introducing me to the Museum. It is an amazing collection and we are lucky to have it at the University of Oregon.

Rita;Rita Radostitz

Rita;Rita Radostitz left a positive review 2/4/2014

Amazing and incredible that we are so fortunate to have this exhibition here on campus. Every single student/faculty/staff member should make the time to go see this....