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Global Scholars Hall

1710 E. 15th Avenue Eugene, OR

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Hey! Where Did All My Money Go?: Budgeting Workshop poster with green money and bags

Budgeting is the foundation for every aspect of financial wellness. Don’t worry! Entertainment, shopping, and fun spending are all a part of the budget you...

10/5 4pm

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Celeste Luppino

Celeste Luppino left a positive review 3/1/2020

It was wonderful! Everyone involved was so sweet and involved. It was really nice being a part of the cooking process itself. We even got to cover knife technique.

Matthias Vogel

Matthias Vogel posted a photo 4/15/2019

Jennie Flinspach

Jennie Flinspach posted a photo 3/16/2017

Nikola Tavani

Nikola Tavani posted a photo 5/26/2016