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Ford Alumni Center

1720 East 13th Eugene, OR

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FLUX Release Party

Join FLUX staff and the UO community as we release the 2017 issue of FLUX Magazine focused on democracy.

6/15 4pm
Lab Grown Human Organs- A Revolution in Biomedical Research

Come experience the next revolution in biomedical research. On June 25th, the Department of Biology at the University of Oregon invites you to explore...


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Danielle Barbian

Danielle Barbian left a positive review 4/24/2017

Loved being paired with a professional

Jennifer Burton

Jennifer Burton left a positive review 2/15/2017

What a lovely, inspirational and fun event! What talent we have at the UO and in Oregon!

Angela Peatow

Angela Peatow left a positive review 11/11/2015

I'm really grateful the UO was able to host Charles Ogletree, he has a rich history and many stories. While I loved all of his anecdotes, I was expecting more specific and recent Black Lives Matter movement facts and history. I wish there could have been more time, but I appreciate hearing him speak in person!

Keith Van Norman

Keith Van Norman left a positive review 10/14/2013


Matthew S Davis

Matthew S Davis left a positive review 10/14/2013

It was great!

Aria L Seligmann

Aria L Seligmann posted a photo 8/9/2013