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Beall Concert Hall

961 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR

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Master's Recital: Megan Letky, violin

Works by Brahms, Bach, and Franck. Accompanied by Grant Mack.

5/21 7:30pm
Campus Band

5/22 6pm
Doctoral Chamber Recital: Elizabeth Donovan

LIVE-STREAMED Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C Minor Schubert String Quintet in C Major Featuring: Simeon Brown, Yaoyun Miao, Ryan Downs, Devin Burgess, and...

5/25 12pm

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Helmut Plant

Helmut Plant left a positive review 4/26/2019

Excellent! I was so impressed by the professional quality of the singers' voices and the fact that they sang "auf deutsch"! I've sent an announcement about Sunday afternoon's concert to my email list of local Germans (with over 100 names on it). I hope some, perhaps many, of them show up.

Jonathan Valko

Jonathan Valko left a positive review 3/9/2019

Great concert! Everyone was great, would go again.

Juan Wolf

Juan Wolf posted a photo 4/24/2018

Houquan Gong

Houquan Gong left a positive review 11/16/2017


Jiarong Liu

Jiarong Liu posted a photo 6/12/2017

David Salmon

David Salmon left a positive review 10/4/2016

Always on the cutting edge, not less than au courant, the Very Tiny Cultural Society is now opt-in. On to the latest review. It is interesting how seeing the words Claude Debussy in print so strongly evokes the tragic wasteland of my misspent undergraduate years. I was the bon vivant and listening to Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune was sadly not as enchanting as inna-gadda-da-vida (baby) Redemption has occurred in the form of the Emerson String Quartet. I delighted in the musicality of Ravel, shared in the laughter at the whimsicality of Grieg. Both were simply prelude to the masterful String Quartet in G minor, Op. 10, by Debussy. I look forward to your spiritual companionship. Cheers


Lucas J Taylor

Lucas J Taylor left a positive review 5/20/2016

Colleen and her accompaniment were awesome! This was my first time experiencing a recital like this, and I was very impressed.

Ran Ran

Ran Ran left a positive review 3/12/2016


School of Music and Dance News

School of Music and Dance News posted a photo 11/19/2015

School of Music and Dance News

School of Music and Dance News posted a photo 11/19/2015